ASM in new project with Tyrens AB

In November ASM got the request of joining Tyrens AB in modeling Uppsala City hall from laser scanned Point cloud material.

The city hall of Uppsala will be renovated and extended by 13000 square meter to gather all administrative parts of the local authorities under the same roof.

We are honored to be recurrent partner of Tyrens again in their Projects.

City Hall of Uppsala

City Hall of Uppsala




Revit Addins

We are launching our Revit add in for finding non visable objects in Revit.

This add in finds the reason why you can’t see an element in a certain view and changes it´s settings to make it visible.

As a bonus it will also tell you why you can’t see your element and what you need to do to make it visible again. When you press unhide it will do the task for you.

When we designed this app we looked at the famous 33 ways of hiding an element in Autodesk® Revit® and made sure the app could find them in all the 33 ways and some more.

Find it at Autodesk Appstore